Smyth Technology Group, Inc. (dba SmythNet) is a duly licensed corporation conducting business in the state of Virginia.  It is heretofore setting forth certain policies, requirements, fees and standard procedures (subject to change without notice) for its business as outlined heretofore in this document.



1.           All customers desiring Internet services are required to complete and sign a service registration form.


2.           All customers will agree to pay for services as follows:


A.           Monthly customers will pay for their service not later than 5:00 pm the 10th of each month.  Payments not received by the designated date and time could/will result in the suspension of their Internet service.  In addition, a monthly late fee of 5% will be applied to the entire unpaid balance.


B.           Annual customers will pay for their services not later than the 30th of the month of the annual renewal date.  Payments not received by the designated date and time will result in the suspension of their service and a 5% late fee will be applied.


C.           Web Registration / Hosting customers are required to pay for the annual International Domain registration and hosting (if applicable) upon receipt of their invoice.  Payments not received within 30 days will be subject to a 5% late fee.


D.          Insufficient Funds:  All check payments returned for insufficient funds will be charged a service fee based on the current rate established by public retail and banking practices.  A $5.00 charge will be assessed on all “on-file monthly” credit card transactions declined for any reason.



3.           SmythNet will charge an installation fee for Broadband Wireless; all payments will be remitted at the time of installation.  No refunds.


A.           A $25 site survey fee will be charged if no service can be established.


4.           A service call fee of $25 will be charged for visits to residence or business.  All materials and equipment is extra.  Technical computer related issues are charged the standard fee of $40 per hour, plus the $25 service call. 


A.           Exchange of outside unit/equipment -  $25.00

B.           The relocation of outside unit/equipment requires new cable and labor and the charge will be $85.00.


5.           Customers desiring web design services are required to pay 50% down upon agreement and remainder payment in full upon completion.





1.           All Lay-A-Way purchases will require a 30% deposit.


A.   Lay-a-ways under $300 must be picked up within 90 days (3 months)

B.    Lay-a-ways over $300 must be picked up within 180 days (6 months)


2.           A Lay-A-Way payment must be made each month.


3.           If a Lay-A-Way is cancelled a monthly service fee of $10.00 will be applied from the original date of the lay-a-way.




1.           Special order items will require a 50% down payment.


2.           All down payments are considered non-refundable, unless merchandise is deemed no longer available.  In such cases, a full refund will be remitted.


3.           Special order items NOT picked up within 45 days are deemed abandoned and becomes the property of SmythNet.




1.           A $40.00 diagnostic pre-paid, non-refundable fee will be assessed and ½ will be applied to any labor fees.


2.           A data loss waiver signature is required; “I hereby agree, that I have backed up my computer data, OR elected not to do so.  SmythNet is NOT responsible to backup data, on my computer unless specifically instructed to do so.  I understand that if SmythNet performs backup services there will be an additional charge.”


3.           SmythNet standard procedure on all computer repairs includes removal of viruses, hijackers and spyware to ensure optimal computer operation.  Installation of virus protection will be initiated if needed. 


4.           Disposal of Property:  Property left in the office of SmythNet for more than thirty (30) days, is considered abandoned and therefore customer waives all rights to reclaim the property.  Property will be disposed of in accordance to the code of Virginia.


5.           Warranties are provided and will be agreed to upon receipt of merchandise sold and services provided exclusively by SmythNet with no other warranties expressed or implied.


6.       SmythNet provides new parts for repairs of computer systems and business networks and are warranted according to manufacture warranty.  By request of customer, used parts may be available with a 72-hour warranty.  SmythNet assumes no liability for loss due to natural disasters, abuse or tampering with equipment.




A.   Computers sold by SmythNet are custom built, some with specific software and features selected by SmythNet and others are built according to the specifications of the customer.  All new computers are warranted for parts and labor for 365 days. 


B.    If the computer case is opened, (security tag broken) or equipment altered, tampered with or subjected to damage, any and all warranties will be considered void.  Warranty is void if system is damaged by any attempt to overclock CPU, memory, video or any other hardware settings above default values. 


C.   SmythNet will accept returned computers within five (5) business days upon evaluation and determination of warranty compliance and will be subject to a 10% restocking fee of the purchase price and does not include any labor fees for transfer of data.


D.   Unless an operating system is loaded and tested by SmythNet, the computer is considered to be “assembled parts” and is NOT covered by SmythNet new computer warranty and will only be covered by manufacture policies (if applicable).




A.           SmythNet occasionally has used merchandise for sale including computers, keyboards, monitors, etc.  SmythNet will test and ensure computers or other merchandise is operational, unless noted and/or discussed.  SmythNet accepts no warranty responsibility for used merchandise and warranty is subject to any remaining manufacture warranty on parts, unless specifically noted and installed as new.


B.            SmythNet will provide original documentation for any “new” parts installed in a pre-owned computer.  No further warranties are offered or implied.  If the computer case is opened (security tag broken) or equipment altered, tampered with or subjected to damage, any and all warranties will be considered void.  Warranty is void if system is damaged in an attempt to overclock CPU, memory, video or any other hardware settings above default values.  The customer assumes all responsibility for used equipment purchased from SmythNet.  SmythNet will provide exchanges only, NO REFUNDS.





                        SERVICE                                                  PRICE


Dial-up Internet connection (MONTHLY)



Dial-up Internet connection (ANNUAL) 10% Prepay Discount



Broadband Wireless Installation (includes 1 mo. Service)



Broadband Wireless Internet connection (MONTHLY)



Broadband Wireless Internet connection (ANNUAL) 10% Prepay Discount




200.00 & UP

International Domain Registration



WEB SITE Advertising / Hosting  (MONTHLY)



WEB SITE Advertising / Hosting (ANNUAL) 10% Prepay Discount



Diagnostic (1/2 applies to labor fee)



Part Installation  (except motherboard)



Motherboard Installation (Labor Only)



Laptop Screen replacement (Labor only - Does not include parts)



Laptop Motherboard Installation  (Labor Only)



Data Backup



Data Restoration (If Hard Drive fails)



Restoration to factory conditions (OS reinstall, includes free anti-virus, anti-spyware and office software WITHOUT data backup



Restoration to factory conditions (OS reinstall, includes free anti-virus, anti-spyware and office software WITH data backup)



Virus/spyware cleaning (depending on severity of infection)

 60.00 –120.00

Dial-up service setup for new customers



Internet & e-mail settings configuration for existing customers




** Prices double for computers running Windows ME, Windows 98 or earlier versions, due to Microsoft    no longer supporting those OSs and lack of compatible software.

** All products, services and fees are subject to change without notice.